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About Us
We are a bright and dedicated team of Medical Students here to help you on your journey to Medicine or Dentistry entry - starting with the UCAT!

We are committed to providing high-quality, concise, evidence-based, and results-driven tutoring programs to supercharge your performance. From teaching proven strategies such as pseudo-skimming to develop text retention, to repeated exam simulation providing a platform to guide your individual study, we have you covered.

Our courses are extensive, and include a weekly UCAT Group Class (both in-person and online), one-to-one tutoring, in-depth UCAT Workshops, and online guides. Each course has been thoroughly reviewed by our team, ensuring it contains the strategies, practice questions, and review materials to boost your accuracy, speed, and performance.

Our highly-experienced tutors are top performers. They will explain concepts thoroughly and clearly to ensure you understand the content in each session.
2,000+ questions with our comprehensive worked solutions tried-and-tested by UCAT ANZ candidates. Our questions are created to accurately reflect the type of questions found in the UCAT exam.
Evidence-based teaching
Our exclusive strategies and techniques have been successfully used by UCAT ANZ candidates to help boost their UCAT performance and score in the top 10% of students.
Personalised support and guidance
We offer 24/7 support and are truly here to help our students with whatever they need, whenever they need. From calls before their exam day, to helping explain solutions to questions they encounter during their individual practice, we are more than happy to provide assistance and guidance.
Structured Curriculum
Each lesson has a specific focus and follows the format of interactive-lecture based theory, worked examples of exam-based questions, and revision of previous content.
Mock exams
Weekly mini-mock exams and regular full-length mock exams are performed during our classes to ensure students are prepared to answer any exam question.
Exceptional Tutors
Our highly-experienced team of tutors are here to guide you every step of the way.


University: University of Adelaide - Second Year Medicine
ATAR: 99.55
UCAT: 98th percentile

With patience, positivity, and a great sense of humour, I look forward to supporting you on your academic journey. I have over 5 years of tutoring experience backed by outstanding academic results.


University: University of Adelaide - Second Year Medicine
ATAR: 98.85
UCAT: 91st percentile

I am a caring, highly motivated, energetic, and diligent tutor with a strong academic record. Having over 5 years of tutoring experience, I will provide students with personalised guidance along their journey.

Student Testimonials
The UCAT group sessions give such a supportive environment with such trustworthy and experienced tutors who can offer real advice. Sessions consist of both theory, where background, techniques, mindset and different approaches to questions are examined followed by plenty of practice with mini-mocks specifically designed by the tutors. Would recommend to anyone considering sitting UCAT. Ages range from high school to uni students.
MedGuide Tuition is extremely effective, I’ve learnt so much in just a couple months. The tutors are so caring and accomodating and they actually care about their students. They provide many helpful tips and also help students with practice and improving individual techniques! Also group classes are a great environment and everyone is super nice.
Jaiden and Amber are both such encouraging tutors who have helped me to feel supported during my UCAT prep. The small group environment is a great way to learn, and I love that we're encouraged to collaborate with other students. The classes are generally split into theory (learning the techniques to approach specific questions) and a mini-mock (implementing these techniques). Would definitely recommend :)
The tutors at MedGuide Tuition are honestly awesome! Not only does Amber and Jaiden provide an encouraging learning environment, but they also help build confidence for the UCAT. The lessons are structured, and the concepts are explained thoroughly. The skills and techniques, the tutors teach really help manage time pressure. Highly recommend MedGuide Tuition for students planning to sit the UCAT.
I have found MedGuide Tuition to be such a supportive learning environment. Jaiden and Amber are very inviting, know what they're talking about and prepared to keep helping you until you are really confident with things. The range of topics and examples covered in sessions has really helped in preparing for the UCAT.
The UCAT Group classes with Amber and Jaiden have been absolutely thrilling. Within our lessons we’d cover the UCAT subtest through informative theory that is later applied to the timed mini-mocks we undertake at the end of each lesson. Both tutors have been extremely encouraging and fun to learn from, providing tips and helping us understand the complicated concepts. Just Great!!
MedGuid is one of the best UCAT tutoring groups as it helped me understand and apply the needed skills for UCAT. The one on one services are highly recommended, both Amber and Jaiden do a great job at teaching the theory behind each section. They are always there to help you, which is a huge boost to your self esteem and confidence. Highly recommended.
The tutors, Amber and Jaiden, have to be some of the best all-round tutors/mentor figures ever. Their approach to learning is extremely encouraging and motivating, with various methods of teaching available to work through any difficulty. Within a small group, they teach the numerous thought processes and techniques involved with UCAT preparation and the exam, then work through challenging examples that lead to Mini-Mock Exams, pausing and assisting where necessary to keep all students up to speed. While the content appears daunting, Jaiden and Amber clear through any doubts and break down the content into easily understandable steps. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering taking the UCAT exam.
I highly recommend MedGuide if you are looking to improve your UCAT skills. Focusing upon specific subsections during sessions helped to solidify my understanding of the types of questions to expect and how to approach these. I found the techniques I learnt very useful in scoring accurately and also when working under a time pressure. The tutors, Amber and Jaiden also create a welcoming and comfortable learning environment to ask questions and seek help. Overall I had a very positive experience with MedGuide and it was one of the best choices I made when deciding to practice UCAT!